Leave a Mark
The Human Gathering’s guests are an exclusive whos-who from business, technology, entertainment, philanthropy, and the arts.
— Forbes Magazine

Who attends




The Human Gathering is a 3 day immersive experience that gathers together the top minds in business, technology, philanthropy, science and the arts. Our community is dedicated to leaving a mark on the world.

Attendance is limited to 150 guests, by nomination or application only.

Applications typically close 6 months in advance.

The Human Gathering was created to bring together a select group of individuals who are dedicated to leaving a mark on the world, with access to the resources to do so.

Unlike traditional events or conferences, every person who attends The Human Gathering has been curated by a host committee member. We spend a significant amount of time identifying our members and work to support them in accomplishing their endeavors.

We have fostered a community of incredibly influential people, all of whom care deeply about the impact they leave behind.

While our individual member list is private, founders and executives from companies like Facebook, Nike, Omnicom, Youtube and many others regularly attend. Investors and Venture Capitalists from prominent firms participate. And many of today’s most well respected artists and philanthropists are a part of our community.





We gather together as a singular group of unique individuals. We assemble our collective knowledge and experience.

We disconnect from the everyday worries that surround us. We let go of whatever challenges we are experiencing.

We take time to gain a deep understanding of each other, our dreams, our fears and our vision for the future. We connect with each other.

We support each other in what we want to accomplish - the mark we want to leave on the world.

The Human Gathering is an all-inclusive, immersive experience. Lodging, Food and Transportation from the hotel to the private estate are included.

This is not your typical conference.
— Inc. Magazine



The Human Gathering is not a conference. It is not an event. It is a fully immersive, 3 day experience. Only those who attend can begin to describe the difference. The rest of the world will never know.


The Human Gathering never has a public agenda. Each day is fully immersive. Our community is all in. We surprise and delight our members with unexpected experiences and moments they never forget. Furthermore, many of the luminaries who join us to share their stories are never announced to the public.


Each community member who attends goes through an application or nomination process that involves an interview, as well as final approval from our host committee. This process has allowed us to curate an incredibly unique group of some of the most interesting, influential people in the world.

What they are doing is incredible.
— Tom Bilyeu, cofounder of the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition.


For the past four years The Human Gathering has been giving back to non-profits.

The founders of The Human Gathering, have raised well over 10 million dollars for critically important causes: Cancer Research, LGBTQ Rights, Human Trafficking, Suicide Prevention, etc.

Giving back is part of our DNA. Each year we work tirelessly to find organizations looking to expand their reach.

We are excited to announce the causes we are supporting for 2020 very soon.